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How do I connect my BYOD Mac to the Learning Commons printer?

Make sure you are connected to the SMIS-WIN network before starting.

There are four main steps to setting up your printer and printing:

  1. Installing the printer driver
  2. Installing the printer
  3. Printing with authentication
  4. Retrieving your print job

Installing the printer driver

Your computer needs to have the proper driver installed to use the printer.

  1. In the Finder, click on the Go menu and choose Connect to Server:
    Connect to Server
  2. For the Server Address, enter

    and click Connect:
    Server address

  3. Connect as a Registered User, and enter your St. Mary's username and password (the same as you use to connect to the SMIS-WIN network):
    Registered User
  4. Drag the file C5500.dmg to your desktop:
  5. With the file your desktop, double-click it to mount the volume. Then double-click the installer to run it:
    Ricoh driver installer package
  6. Click the Continue, Accept and OK buttons to complete the driver installation

Installing the printer

  1. Go to System Preferences, click on Printers & Scanners, and click the + button to add a printer:
    Add a printer
  2. In the Add window, hold the Control key and click in the button area. From the pop-up menu, select Customize Toolbar:
    Customize Toolbar
  3. Drag the Advanced button to the toolbar and click Done:
  4. Back in the Add window, click the Advanced button. When the search completes, click on the Type drop-down list and select Windows printer via spoolss:
    Windows printer
  5. Enter the following for the URL:

    You can enter whatever you like for the Name and Location, but remember what you choose for the Name.

  6. Click on Choose a Driver, and from the drop-down list choose Select Software:
    Select software
  7. Enter 5500 in the search box, and choose RICOH IM C5500 JPN PS. Click OK:
    Ricoh IM C5500 JPN PS
  8. Back in the Add window, click the Add button.
  9. After a moment, you should see the printer in your list of printers:

Printing with authentication

Make sure you have the correct page set-up, and authenticate to print.

  1. Before printing, make sure your document size is A4 or A4 small:
    A4 document size
  2. In the Print dialog, select the Printer Name that you specified when you installed the printer. Then click OK to print:
    Select printer by name
  3. You will be asked to enter your username and password to print. Enter your St. Mary's username and password (the same as you use to connect to SMIS-WIN):
    Enter username and password
    If you check “Remember this password in my keychain”, then you will not have to re-enter this information every time you print.

Retrieving your print job

After printing, log in at the printer to retrieve your print job.

  1. If the printer is sleeping, click the login/logout button to wake the printer.
  2. Tap on Username and enter your username (the same as above)
  3. Tap on Password and enter your password
  4. Tap on Log In
  5. If your log-in is successful, you should see your document name on the display. Tap on the document to select it, and then tap the Print button.


No network connection

Make sure you're connected to SMIS-WIN to print.

Wrong document size

Your document appears on the printer's display, but does not print. A small red light is flashing at the corner of the display.

Typically this means the page layout does not match any of the available paper sizes. You can choose to print US Letter to A4, or you can clear the print job and resend it from your computer (after changing the page layout to an available paper size).

Failed authorization

In the printer queue window on your computer, you see a Resume button instead of Pause. If you click Resume, after a moment you briefly see the message “connection refused.” The button changes back to Resume.

This indicates you've entered the wrong username/password. Delete this print job (click on the X), and try printing again. Make sure to enter the correct username and password.

Note: If you checked “Remember this password in my keychain”, but you entered the wrong password, you'll need to delete the saved password from your Keychain and try again.

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