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Connect your iOS device to the wireless network

How to connect your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to the SMIS-WIN wireless network
For St. Mary's users (faculty, staff and students) using a ID

Click on the Settings app.

Select Wi-Fi. Under the “Choose a Network…” list, select SMIS-WIN.

Enter your username and password and click the Join button.

On the Certificate screen, click the Accept button. You should now be connected to the SMIS-WIN wireless network.


If you experience any difficulty connecting with the instructions above, please verify the following and then try the steps below.

  • Make sure you have a valid username and password
  • Make sure the ID has permission to connect to the network

Method 1

  1. Tap on the Settings icon
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi
  3. Tap on the SMIS-WIN network
  4. When the network details load, tap on “Forget This Network”

Then try the steps at top again.

Method 2

Only use this if Method 1 doesn't resolve your problem. This will delete all network information (including any non-St. Mary's networks you may have set up) and restart the device.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll down and tap on Reset
  4. Tap on “Reset Network Settings”

After the device restarts, try the steps at top again.

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