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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ page. We've referred you here because the question you've asked is one that we receive often – not because we don't care enough to answer your question individually. By putting our answers here, we're making sure to give you a thorough reply that's consistent with what we're telling others. And it saves everyone a bit of time.

How do I connect my BYOD to the Learning Commons printer?

How do I connect my Windows BYOD to the SMIS-WIN Network?

How do I connect to the Guest Network?

Please see this article: How to Connect to the SMISguest WLAN

Connect your iOS device to the wireless network

See the instructions here to connect your iOS device to the SMIS-WIN wireless network
For St. Mary's users (faculty, staff and students) using a ID


Connect Apple TV to Bluetooth Amp

Smooth YouTube playback on Apple TV

For the smoothest YouTube playback, sign into "My YouTube" on your Apple TV.

Triggering Airplay on older iPads

With older iPads (notably the iPad 2) and iOS 8.2, use this trick if Airplay is not available.

Turn off "Background App Refresh"

To ensure the best connection with your Apple TV, turn off “Background App Refresh” on your iPad and iPhone. See the instructions here.

How do I make smaller PDF file sizes on a Mac?

How do I change my St. Mary's password?

How do I avoid changing DVD regions?

Please refer to these instructions (Windows only).

Repairing a dead hard drive

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